Episode 334. A visit to Stephens garden

Join me in today's podcast where I have visited a listener garden. I have also been a bit creative with a seed storage box.

The diary

In today's diary section I have got a bit creative and artistic with a seed storage box. Find out more in the podcast

Stephens garden.

In the past, we have visited Stephens small allotment where he has shared with us the secrets he has found to maintaining a small plot. Due to COVID 19, Stephens has started growing more at home and in today's podcast he shares his thoughts and findings on this.

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Episode 334 transcript.

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Hello and welcome to episode 334 of the veg grower podcast my names Richard and I am on a mission to grow food in my allotment and garden. Today is the 17th June 2020 and today We are taking a visit to Stephen’s garden of where he has started a little project. That’s coming up in just a moment but before that what have I been doing today.

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Its the 17th June 2020 today and today I have ended up being a little creative. Yesterday I said I was going down to the allotment to harvest my garlic today well unfortunately that didn’t happen. I had a really bad nights sleep last night and ended up waking very late. Rain was predicted for today so I thought I decided not to go down the allotment.

About midday I decided to walk into my town just to get out the house and clear my head. In one shop I happened to spot a wooden box. These wooden boxes I looked at figured it would be perfect for a seed storage box so I bought it and I bought some green spray paint.

I headed home and sprayed this box green. While the paint was drying I cut some thin ply wood to fit inside this box as a way to divide different rows of seed packets.

These bits of plywood where inserted and has giving me space for 4 rows of seeds. Which hopefully will be enough for all my seeds.

Once the paint was dry and dividers inserted I decorated the outside a bit with the veg grower podcast logo and labels so I know what seeds are inside just to make my life easier. I sprayed this is in lacquer which is now drying.

I have really gone over the top with this box to be honest today but I was just feeling a bit creative and artistic which in reality is probably completely unnecessarily but you know what I feel better for it.

In the end it didn’t rain today so I probably could of gone down the allotment but hey ho I shall go sown tomorrow.

Well that what I have been up to today please let me know what you’ve been up too yourself and now we’re going to head on over to Stephens garden

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