Episode 300. What seeds we can sow in May

Join me in today's podcast where I shall be discussing what seeds we can sow in May? I also share the latest from the plots

What have I been up to today?

Today I have been working hard in the victory garden. Potting up several plants and removing some rather large bushes and trees in order to expand my growing space.

You can find out more in today's podcast.

What seeds can we sow in May?

While April was certainly a busy month for seed sowing here at the veg grower podcast HQ I have discovered that I am well on top of getting most seeds sown. However a few seeds I still need to sow are

  • beetroot
  • chickpeas
  • pumpkin
  • butternut squash
  • salad leaves
  • carrots

However if your not as far ahead as me theres still time to sow most seeds such as tomatoes and sweetcorn but i would say its too late for chilli or sweet pepper.

What seeds will you be sowing through May?

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