Episode 229 with Sarah from roots and all on Vegan gardening.

Join me in this week's podcast where I am joined by my friend and fellow podcast Sarah Wilson from roots and all podcast. Join me as I try to find out more about vegan gardening and why it isn't as easy as it might sound. We also have the latest from my plots.

The diary

This week in the diary section I have the following tasks to talk about

  • The first time I've had pink blueberries on my bush.
  • Building a new fence
  • Harvesting potatoes

And much more. Check out the podcast to find out.

Vegan gardening.

While I will hold my hands up and admit I am not a vegan. I do respect peoples views of this subject. I have been listening to Sarah who runs the Roots and all podcast.

Sarah's podcast has opened my eyes into how difficult it might be to garden in a vegan way. Throughout this podcast I get Sarah to discuss why it can be difficult and what is it like to garden with the vegan ethic.

Sarah always enjoyed gardening but after a career change in her early thirties, she became a garden designer. Gaining experience of working in many well-known gardens as well as creating gardens for shows as she has progressed through her career. Sarah shares with us some stories of how her ethics have been looked upon with her career.

Do you garden in a vegan manner? Do you think that the ideas shared in this episode make sense? Let me know in the comments or Email me here.

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