Episode 199. The annual tool care.

Join me in this week's podcast where I discuss my annual tool care. I also share the latest from the plots and a question from a listener.

The diary

In this weeks diary section I cover the following

  • Coping with a bad cold/flu
  • tidying and clearing my garden
  • Tidying pots

And much more

Tool maintenance

Every year around this time I like to spend a bit of time with my tools. My tools look after me so it only seems right that I look after them.

In this episode I go through 3 of my tools and share with you how I give them their annual maintenance and check up. I like to start with a clean up. Fortunately I tend to keep my tools pretty clean by simply keeping a bucket of oily sand in my shed and plunge my tools into the sand after I use them. For the annual maintenance I use a wire brush mounted in a drill, and brush away all the dirt and/rust from the metal parts.

After the clean up its time to grind away any nicks or cuts and sharpen up all bladed tools (yes a spade has a blade). Then its time to oil the entire tool before placing back into storage.


I mention in this episode that I grow all year round cauliflower. These can be purchased here. 

What have you done in the garden or allotment this week? Let me know I the comments or Email me here.

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