Episode 189 featuring Ivonne from Discutafel

Join me in this weeks podcast (warning probably the longest podcast I have ever done) where I chat to fellow podcast Ivonne from Discutafel. I also share the latest on my plots.

The diary

This week on the plots I have tackled the following tasks

  • Recycling a shed
  • Gardening lifting my mood
  • what I have harvested this week

And much much more. check out the podcast to hear more.

Ivonne from Discutafel

I have been chatting to Ivonne from a while. She has been a massive supporter of the veg grower podcast. She also runs her own podcast Discutafel.

We chat about Ivonne's background and her passion for eco-friendly gardening. Permaculture is a method that Ivonne practices and we learn about that in this podcast. I also asked Ivonne to teach me a few Dutch words.


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