Episode 185 FT The Mole Catcher.

Join me in this weeks podcast where I chat to Jeff Nicholls The Mole Catcher. I also share the latest on he allotment and vegetable patch.

The diary.

This week's task's have included the following

  • Potting up ginger, turmeric and cardamom
  • Strimming grass areas
  • Discovering a butternut squash

And much much more.

The mole catcher.

I was recently contacted by a gentleman called Jeff the mole catcher. Who wondered if I had ever discussed the troubles some gardeners face with Moles. As I have never had any problems or even giving moles a second thought I invited Jeff onto the podcast to discuss what he does.

Jeff is a mole catcher who catches moles for removal from gardens allotments golf clubs etc. He also travels around the country putting on talks about moles. Educating us all about these fascinating creatures that I believe we don't really appreciate.

the job title the mole catcher sounds pretty unkind but after chatting to Jeff I could tell that he is very humane with the animals he catches. I could also tell he would like moles to be appreciated a lot more than we currently do. I also believe Jeff would like to see mole catcher be responsible and care for what they do.

You can hear our chat in this podcast but I doo urge you to check out his show. His website can be found here.

Garden 7 and competitions

Also in this week's podcast I have a few words from talking about his new company promoting bloggers' podcaster's and youtuber's. He very kindly recorded a few words to me to promote this work.

I also announce winners of the Facebook group competition and a new competition.

Don't forget to join me Wednesday 12th September 2018 8pm (BST) at the vobes show where we will be coming live from a regency town house. Where a historic food recreator will be cooking my pumpkin into something special.

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