Episode 159. Microgreens.

Join me in this week's podcast where I discuss how easy I find it to grow microgreens. I also share the latest on the plots.

The diary.

Join me in this episode where I discuss the latest from the plots including

  • My potato disaster
  • New plug plants
  • Sowing carrot seed tapes which are available here.


One of the easiest and fastest crops to grow has to be microgreens. I grew these when I had very little space and recently have decided to grow them again.

These tiny leafy greens are great in the kitchen lending themselves to so many different uses and tastes.

These also need very little space, when I lived in my flat I had them growing on a windowsill using some plastic fruit containers. These are still a viable use however recently I have been using a microgreen set from johnsons. These kits are fairly cheap to buy and come with 3 packets of seeds as well as the growing kit. If these kits interest you then click on the image below to buy these from Amazon.

Do you grow microgreens? If so get in touch and share your experience.

Don't forget to add any comments or suggestions below. Alternatively feel free to contact me here.

I am still on the lookout for more interviews from you the listeners to share their stories growing food. If you would like to be on the podcast then check out this post.

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