Episode 152. What do I recommend for first time growers to grow.

Join me in episode 152 where I discuss what I recommend for first time growers to grow. As well as the diary updates from the veg patch and allotment.

The diary.

Its been an eventful week here at the veg grower podcast plots. The weather has stopped me from visiting my beloved allotment this week but nonetheless, we still had the following to deal with.

  • Avian flu update from Defra. details can be found here.
  • Progress with the quail project.
  • Sowing a few more seeds.

To find out more please listen to the podcast.

What do I recommend for first time growers to grow?

Imagine it was possible to go back and tell yourself what to grow in your first year of growing, what would you advise. Well, I received a question from a listener who asked what he should grow as a first time grower.

With this question in mind I came up with a few rules that I would tell myself

  1. Keep it simple. There is little point trying to be too complicated. This year is a learning curve.
  2. Grow what you eat. No point growing anything that isn't eaten.
  3. Each stage is a skill set. It is so easy to buy plug plants or potted plants from a garden centre so don't grow from seed. That extra skill of growing from seed can wait till next year. Although seed sowing is easy let's concentrate on growing plants for this year. However, I do detail some seeds that are incredibly easy to sow.

If you have any recommendations please leave a comment below.

If you have a question for me, you can email me here.


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