Episode 147. Looking back over 2017.

Join me in episode 147 where I'm looking back over 2017. The highs and the lows of vegetable gardening.

The diary.

It is amazing how much work has been carried out over the last week despite it being mid-winter. A few jobs that have been tackled include

  • Hard frost killing off plants.
  • Planting bare-rooted fruit plants.
  • Starting micro greens.

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Looking back over 2017.

Another year is drawing to close but I always believe its good to look back and evaluate the year. When we started the year we had less land and less poultry.

As we progressed through the year we gained an extra allotment and I talk about how I approached this extra land and how I benefited from it. I also look back at produce that has been really successful for me this year.

Of course, not everything has been rosy. I have had failures and losses but I always believe that's where we learn the most.

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As always please leave any comments below. How was 2017 for you? If you would like to share your stories don't forget you can be on the show. click here to apply.

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