Episode 143. Catch up on the last 2 weeks on the plots.

Join me in episode 143 of the veg grower podcast where I shall catch you all up on the last 2 weeks on the plots.

The diary

This week's podcast is all about the diary really. As last week I was lucky enough to get Steve on I didn't share any diary section. This week I have shared whats been happening on the plots including

  • How the sweet potato had performed
  • Updates to the quail project
  • Moving strawberry plants.

So please listen to find out more.

Could I please just take this chance to apologise for this episode being late, I have a horrible cold and felt that I would not have been able to get out a decent show last night. As such I have recorded today when I felt a bit better.

If you have any comments or suggestions or would like some strawberry plants please get in touch either with the comments below or through our contact page. I love to hear from anyone and will always respond as soon as I possibly can.

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