Episode 141. Quail project.

In episode 141 I am very excited to announce a new project. Keeping quail in my back garden.

The diary.

In this episode, I talk about the latest on the allotment and vegetable patch including

  • Preparing the strawberry bed
  • How a small amount of time focused my efforts
  • How I happened to get hold and keep quail.

so please listen to find out more.

Quail project.

For a while, I have been researching into keeping quail. while the chicken has proven to be fantastic in the garden there are downsides and for many of my listener's chickens are not an option.

This is where the quail may be a viable option, however, I have never kept these birds before so, in this episode, I have shared what I know about these creatures and how I have started to keep these fantastic birds. The veg grower podcast is all about growing food in a garden and quail are just another option that can be taken. So join me on this journey as we learn how to look after these birds and use them to produce food.

Resources for this show


Click on the images below to purchase the items to keep quail from Amazon

For a book on keeping these gamebirds please click the below image

The drinkers similar to what I use can be found below

This rabbit hutch will be perfect for housing these animals

For my young birds, I have been using this chick crumb

In a few weeks, I shall be using this specific feed


As always any comments please get in touch either below in the comments or email me directly through our contact form.

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