Episode 133. Green manures.

Join me in episode 133 from the veg grower podcast where I will discuss my latest thoughts on green manures.


The diary.

Each week I discuss the latest updates on the allotment and vegetable patch. This week the updates include the following

  • Preparing the garlic bed
  • The meadow build goes on
  • What I have harvested this week


Green manures.

This week I have been looking into green manures and as such I have shared what I have learned in this podcast. These simple questions are answered.

What are green manures?

What do they do?

How do I use green manures?

What green manures will I be using?

Can we eat these plants?

These questions are all answered in this episode.

If you want to buy some green manures I have a collection I found on Amazon please click on the images to visit







I also have a few resources to share with you should you want to read more about these fantastic plants.


So please listen and enjoy.

Any comments or suggestions then please get in touch either by the comments below or e mail me through our contact page.



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