#547 Seed of the month and the winner is….

Join us in this weeks episode of the veg grower podcast where Richard wants to guide you through his journey of growing hi s own food on his allotment and vegetable garden. This week we have the seed of the month from premiers seeds, A visit to the Vegepod garden and how Richard has won the battle with whitefly. Lets not forget the draw for the name that chicken is taken place.

Seed of the month: Dragons egg Cucumber

With Easter and the beginning of the month coinciding, it only seemed fitting that the seed of the month for April be a dragons egg Cucumber. This promotion is in collaboration with premier seeds direct a great resource for all your seed needs. Premier seeds direct sell very reasonably priced seeds but to save even more money use discount code VEGPOD10 when shopping with them.

The Dragons egg cucumber is a white egg looking cucumber that looks stunning and produces plenty of cucumbers. Sow now for a summer harvest and in this episode you will hear how Richard grows his.

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The Vegepod Garden

Its time to revisit the Vegepod garden. Richard's Vegepod garden is located on his patio and consists of 3 Vegepod. Small medium and large all of which has different uses.

In this weeks podcast Richard takes you through his Vegepod and shares what's growing currently. he also shares what's next to do in his vegepod's.

Chef Scott's recipe of the week.

Each week chef Scott shares a delicious recipe and this week its a broad bean and apricot salsa. Just in time for our broad bean harvests.

How we beat whitefly

Whitefly has been a problem for Richard this year. And the loses have been mounting.

However this did give Richard the chance to test out methods for tackling whitefly that sit with Richards ideology. The methods richard used that worked are

  • Grazers g3 but this needs to be used before whitefly appears
  • Natural predators such as lady birds
  • A jet of water to blow of the whitefly
  • Horticultural soap

and now the whitefly is reduced.

And the winner is.

This month we launched a competition called name that chicken. There was lots of entries but there could only be one winner.

And the winning name is Heggwig.

Congratulations to the winner.

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