#545 Why Do We Have So Many Plant Feeds?

Join Richard in this weeks podcast in which Richard asks himself Why do we have so many plant feeds? Richard then takes us down the allotment where we find how the rain has affected the planting of potatoes and finish off with how the temperature in the greenhouse ahs freed up the kitchen worktops. Of course there's chef Scott's recipe of the week too!

Why Do We Have So Many Plant feeds?

Lately Richard has been asking himself why do we have so many plant feeds? Do we really need lots of different feeds and what do they do?

With that in mind Richard looks in his shed to see what he actually has and does he actually use them in the garden or allotment.

With so many different feeds it can be very complicated to work out just what is needed.

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Has the allotment dried out.

This week Richard has been able to visit his allotment every day after work. This has really helped get on top of the weeds and make the allotment look tidier and prepped for growing. However the allotment is still very wet and after digging a small hole and monitoring the water Richard has postponed the planting of potatoes for a week in the hope the ground will dry out enough. Planting when so wet can lead to the potatoes rotting.

Chef Scott's Recipe Of The Week.

This week Chef Scott has this delicious asparagus, tomato and feta focaccia recipe. Asparagus season will soon be upon us and having this recipe ready for those delicious spears makes it all the more exciting.

The Greenhouse Has Warmed Up.

Over this last week, Richard has been able to move his pepper and aubergine seedling out into the greenhouse away from the kitchen worktops. Below 10c these plant go dormant. But as the temps in the greenhouse have exceeded that now, its safe for his seedlings to go into the greenhouse.

Outside the new chickens are settling in well. It'll soon be time to mix the old and new together. Don't forget there's a chance to win tickets to gardeners world spring fair just by suggesting a name for the chicken.

The seed of the month seedlings are also growing. These are the summer squash zephyr f1 in collaboration with premier seeds direct. Use discount code vegpod10 for even more savings.

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