#538 Storm damage and a new allotment adventure begins

In tis weeks podcast Richard has suffered a bit of storm damage. We have a new member with a new allotment join the team and we finish with a discussion on shed storage.

Allotment update: Storm damage

Last week the uk got hit with 2 storms, and Richards shed got blown over. Luckily the shed was due to be moved this weekend anyway and the damage wasn't to serious.

With the shed sorted and moved this freed up space to move an apple tree. This apple tree when planted was squeezed into a space that wasn't large enough so it was time to give it the room to thrive.

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Jenny's allotment: A new allotment adventure

This week we have a new member to the team who has a new allotment.

Jenny has taken on allotment with lots of plans to grow food but work with nature.

We look forward to hearing plenty of updates in the future.

Scott's recipe of the week: scotch broth.

This week Scott has this delicious scotch broth recipe, one that his grandmother used to cook for him.

Garden update: Shed organisation

In the garden Richard is looking at how he organises his shed in order to make his life easier. Tools are hung using pegboard and stocking filled with pots make a good use of space.

A good tidy shed makes gardening much easier.

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