#536 Is it too early for sowing seeds?

Join Richard in this weeks episode of The Veg Grower Podcast. This week Richard has had to protect his garden from the cold weather and removed a gooseberry bush from the allotment. Richard also ways in on a debate about is it too early for sowing seeds.

Garden update: Protecting from frost

This week the temperature has really dropped. Although there is not much actively growing in the garden at the moment, what is growing needs protecting. Richard has covered his plants with some horticultural fleece in order to protect them from frost.

Richard has also wrapped his wormery with fleece, bubble wrap and even a duvet to protect the worms from getting too cold too. A wormery is a great addition to any garden as any kitchen waste gets thrown into the wormery of which the worms munch through and create compost.

Other tasks in the garden have included building a new bed and spreading wood ash onto his beds for extra potash. Nothing gets wasted here.

This week in the supporters club

Rating and reviewing this podcast really helps this podcast get discovered by new listeners. This week we was left a lovely review from Lynn about how the discussion on plug plant trainers was very useful information. This type of feedback is valuable to us. So please do Rate and review.

The Veg Grower Podcast also runs a supporters club as a way of keeping this podcast running. For just £5 a month you can get extra behind the scenes podcasts as well as a collection of seeds each month you are a member. Over this last week we have been sowing Fenugreek, a tasty microgreen and Parsley and herb that needs no introduction.

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