#525: Spooky Allotment Adventures – The Halloween Harvest

Welcome to Episode 525 of the Veg Grower Podcast, where we're embracing the Halloween spirit with Spooky Allotment Adventures and Halloween Harvest. Join me, Richard, as I take you on a journey through the enchanting and sometimes eerie world of my allotment.

Allotment Update: The Mysterious Pumpkin Crossbreeds

The wet and rainy weather may have dampened our spirits, but it hasn't stopped the surprises in our allotment. We'll delve into the peculiar tale of our pumpkin harvest. Originally meant to be Crown Prince pumpkins, these gourds took an unexpected twist due to cross-pollination. The result? A unique collection of pumpkins that will leave you amazed.

Tornado Tales: When Nature Strikes

As if the pumpkin mystery wasn't enough, a tornado hit our allotment site on a dark Saturday night. I'll recount the dramatic events and the aftermath of this natural disaster, underscoring the resilience of our gardening community.

Supporters Club: Join the Veg Grower Podcast Community

Before we continue, I'd like to extend a special invitation to our listeners. Consider joining our Supporters Club and be part of our growing community. Plus, your feedback matters! If you enjoy the podcast, please take a moment to rate and review it.

Axe Sharpening Segment: Keeping Your Tools in Top Shape

Every gardener knows the value of well-maintained tools. In this exclusive segment, I'll guide you through the art of axe sharpening. Learn how to keep your trusty tool in prime condition for all your gardening needs.

IF you would like the sharpening stone that I use they are available at Amazon on this link.

Chef Scott's recipe of the week

This week Chef Scott educates us with a delicious Yorkshire Parkin recipe. I had never heard of parkin before so was very interested with this recipe and the history of this dish.

Vegetable Garden Update: Garlic, Onions, and More

Our vegetable garden is a hub of activity. Discover the latest updates on planting out garlic and onion sets, and get a glimpse of thriving chard and the promising growth of celery within the Vegepod.

Conclusion: A Halloween Harvest to Remember

As we conclude this Halloween-themed episode, I hope you've enjoyed these Spooky Allotment Adventures. Remember to leave your thoughts in the comments and consider rating and reviewing the Veg Grower Podcast. Thanks for tuning in, and may your Halloween harvest be bountiful and bewitching.

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