#474 Crop rotation plans for 2023

Join Richard in this weeks veg grower podcast. A podcast dedicated to the growing of vegetable on an allotment and veg patch. This week Richard is thinking about his crop rotation plans as well as the latest from the plots.

This week on the plots

This week Richard has been tackling the following tasks

  • Repair work after storm Claudio
  • Paying attention to the windowsill growing
  • Sowing green manures.

You can hear all about it and more on the podcast.

Crop rotation plans for 2023

Crop rotation can be very important tool at preventing the build up of pests and diseases in the soil. Unfortunately in can be tricky for the home grower to implement on our own plots.

This week Richard has figured out his crop rotation system after many years of figuring out what to do an the evolution of his plots. In this podcast Richard shares why his potatoes follow his beans and why he plants brassicas after potatoes.

Do you have a crop rotation system? Get in touch to share your thought. Email Richard@theveggrowerpodcats.co.uk

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