#455 My top 10 gardening hacks

Join Richard in this weeks veg grower podcast. This week Richard is sharing his top 10 gardening hacks as well as the latest from the plots.

This week on the plots.

This week Richard has had problems with some of his animals. First of all Roxy the dog had an allergic reaction to a tick bite. This happened while on the allotment and with the council leaving some grass areas to grow longer, its possibly going to be a ore regular occurrence.

We have also sadly lost poppadum my Amber chicken. She was a good bird and gave us lots of joy (and eggs) so her passing is rather sad. However as this left Bear on her own I had to rush out and get 2 new hens to add to our garden. We now have Gertie another Amber hen and Hawkins our blue haze hen.

My top ten gardening hacks.

This week I wanted to share with you my top 10 gardening hacks. A way of making gardening easier or faster and they are as follows

  • Use your tools as a measure
  • Pencil for labels
  • Daily visits doing little and often
  • Using a lawn mower to chop up weeds to make composting faster
  • Dip tools into a bucket of sand and oil after using to help look after your tools
  • Fill up all watering cans and buckets when rain is expected
  • Use a piece of pvc pipe to get water to the roots of densely packed bushes such as gooseberries
  • Use boiling hot water to kill weeds in paths
  • A piece of wood made to fit the width of a garden bed makes a great straight line
  • Toilet roll inners make a great plant pot for seedlings

Recipe of the week

This weeks recipe of the week comes from needing to find ways of using up the rather large quantity of cherries we seem to be harvesting at the moment.

My wife made cherry scones using this recipe from the BBC. Absolutely delicious on there own but we also took some more cherries added lots of suger and splash of water and cooked them on the hob until jam like. We used that to top our scones. Delicious.

What are your top ten hacks? get in touch to let me know

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