#453 Pest, seed of the month and new chickens

Join Richard in this weeks veg grower podcast. This week Richard has been dealing with a few pests and got some new chickens. WE also have a new feature called seed of the month in collaboration with Premier Seed Direct.

Pests are about

Usually Richard gets very little problem with pests but this year slugs and snails have attacked his seedlings and aphids have started attacking his young plants.

As a rule Richard hates pesticides, preferring nature to do its thing, but as these plants are in his kitchen Richard has used grazers g2 and g3 to tackle these pests.

Mice or rats have also appeared in the garden, which is inevitable with chickens

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Seed of the month

We have launched a new monthly segment if collaboration with premier seeds direct. Premier seed direct offer fantastic price on seeds with very reasonable quantitys.

This month seed of the month is the fantastic zephyr f1 and courgette like summer squash with a unique look and taste. Get your seeds from premier seeds direct

Chef Scott's recipe of the week

Each week chef scott brings us a delicious recipe of the week and this week its this delicious parsnip hash brown recipe.

New chickens

This week saw the arrival of 2 new chickens. Chickens are great in the vegetable garden for a wide range of reasons but mostly because of fresh eggs.

However these chickens do need names and Amanda has named one egguinox but the other needs a name too. Submit your name suggestion and you could be in with a chance to win tickets to the Gardeners world spring fair. Details can be found here.

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