Hello and welcome

Hello and welcomehello and welcome to the veg grower podcast.

Here you shall find or main site please use the menu on the top to explore where you can find our various options including our forum.

We have created this site to go alongside our podcasts of which we created as we couldn't find any podcasts to do with fruit and vegetable growing based in the uk.

who are we.

I'm richard I was born in 1982. I have no formal gardening training just picked up as I went along. as a child I dabbled with veg growing and when I moved out of my parents place it became a real hobby and I was lucky enough to co work an allotment plot. With my passion for growing food and my passion for good tasty food growing I decided to share my experiences by creating this site and podcasting of what I've been doing in the hope to help inspire and share with other like-minded people.

this site.

I've created this site in order to accompany the podcast but also to create a community of gardeners willing to share their experiences with each other whether you're a new gardener looking to take first steps in growing your own food or a more experienced gardener willing to share your experience but also willing to learn new skills.