Episode 404. Veg gardening tasks and seeds for July

Join Richard in this weeks veg gardening podcast where he shares a list of seeds we can sow throughout July and some tasks for this month. Richard also shares the latest from his plots.

The Diary

This weeks Richard has bought himself a new hedge trimmer, sticking with the battery system that he has been using recently. This meant he could go on to trim the hedge at the front of his house. Of course these pruning got shredded and into the compost bin.

On the allotment Richard is trying a method of growing tomatoes he has heard about. This method involves placing tomato plants close together but only allowing each plant to only grow 1 truss of tomatoes. However these tomatoes are rumoured to grow very big. Will it work we will find out in the future.

Richard has also sown some basil, cabbage and cauliflowers.

Seeds to sow in July

July is a month where it might be hot and half way through the year but there's a lot we can sow as listed below

There's also lots of tasks we can do throughout July

  • Harvest crops (first and second early potatoes, Strawberries, artichokes to name a few)
  • Watch out for blight that can affect potatoes and tomato plants
  • Pinch out side shoots of tomatoes
  • Water, July can be very dry.
  • Pot up pepper plants if they are getting a bit to big for their pots.
  • Keep training cucumbers up supports
  • Nip of the tips of aubergines and courgettes to encourage a bushier pants
  • Feed crops
  • Harvest garlic and onions once the foliage turns yellow and bend over
  • Pick dry or freeze herbs
  • Check for cabbage white on your brassica crops. Any eggs laid on the leaves can be squished
  • Clear away any spent or diseased foliage from on or around your vegetable plants
  • Keep on top of the weeds

Check out the podcast to find out more or if you want to read a transcript of the podcast click the file below.

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