Episode 400. Competition time.

Its our 400th episodes and to celebrate I am running a little competition. I also have the latest from my plots and seeds to sow throughout June.

Seeds to sow and tasks for June

Straight away A lot of what I will sowing this month will be many salad crops such as lettuce, cut and come again salad leaves, spring onions, Pak choi and radishes

Its also a good chance to sow root crops such as carrots, beetroot and turnips

Peas and french beans can also be sown this month and this is a great way to keep getting more crops as this will provide us with peas and beans later in the season.

Brassicas are definitely going to be sown this month especially to provide us with winter vegetables including for Christmas. This includes Cabbage's Cauliflowers kohl rabi kale, swedes turnips and late broccoli

Then there's catch up crops so if you still need pumpkins, marrow courgettes then get sowing those right away.

Finally Florence fennel which is traditionally sown after June the 21st in order to stop the plants from bolting other herbs such as coriander, parsley, basil, chervil and dill are also worth sowing before it gets to hot for them to germinate.

Added to that I also have a few tasks to complete this month weeding and watering is certainly top of my list for this month as you would have heard in the diary section. It doesn't take long for nature to take over but added to that of we can mulch then mulch mulch and mulch away

Birds will be looking to eat many of our fruits and brassicas so make sure nets are covering many of these crops in order to protect them.

Earth up potatoes with compost, grass clippings or straw and feed tomatoes if flowers have started developing.

Beans and peas will need supports to grow up so we need to build those and get them into place.

Strawberry may well start potting out runners now. If they do pot them up so you can plant the baby plants elsewhere in the garden with plants that have cost us nothing

Some of our fruit trees may well start shedding some of the immature fruits. Don’t panic if this happens its normal its called the June drop and a tree doing this means it will put more energy into the fruit it does have and produce bigger crops. However we can help by removing a few or the fruits ourselves too.

Finally asparagus season will soon be over and so feed with a good all round fertiliser and leave a few ferns to grow big. Come winter we will cop these down.

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