Episode 387. The school gardening success plan with Lee Connolly.

In this weeks podcast I am joined by lee Connolly aka The Skinny Jean Gardener. Lee has launched his school gardening success plan. A system designed for helping primary school teachers teach children about gardening. We also have the latest from the plots.

The Diary

It has been a positive week this week in both the garden and the allotment. In the garden at home we have sown some more lettuce, spring onions and carrots. We have also sown some asparagus peas.

On the allotment we have built a new bed as well as started spreading compost or mulching our beds with grass clippings. I think its safe to say that the gardening season is upon us.

The school gardening success plan.

Many of you may well have heard Lee on the podcast many times before but if you haven't, Lee is the skinny jean gardener on a mission to encourage children and families into gardening.

Last year Lee spent a week (pre covid) travelling around 20 schools in order to encourage 10000 children into gardening. While the week was a success Lee realised that it wasn't so easy for every school to teach gardening. In many cases this is due to not having someone to teach the lesson but also in some cases some schools have no outdoor space to grow in.

Armed with this research Lee has put together a school gardening success plan. I like to think of this success plan as a text book for teachers. A guiide for teachers to pick up and follow without any gardening experience.

In this podcast I chat to Lee to find out more about this school success plan.

If you want to find out more then head on over to Lee's website.

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