Episode 384. Gardening for wellbeing with Ellen Mary

Join me in this weeks podcast where I am chatting to Ellen Mary about gardening for wellbeing. I also share the latest from the plots as we continue to grow our own food.

The diary

This week we have had some very very cold weather. Meaning that the ground was to frozen and unable to work. All was not lost however as we have plenty of tasks to do inside our sheds and greenhouses.

We have sown sweet peppers, cabbage, basil and celeriac. Planted potatoes in pots in our greenhouse and pricked out some onions and cauliflowers.

Check out the podcast to hear more.

Gardening for wellbeing

This week I am joined by Ellen Mary who is well known with in the gardening industry for her role in bringing awareness to how gardening can be beneficial to our health.

As someone who has suffered with PTSD and gardening was a great salvation for me I felt it was a great time to chat to Ellen about just how great gardening is and to hear about the launch of her new wellbeing studio.

In this podcast we find out a bit about Ellen's early start in gardening and how she got involved in the industry. We also find out a few ideas on what we can grow for some medicinal crops to help us help ourselves.

HAs gardening helped your wellbeing? Let me know in the comments.

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