Episode 331. The Friday night veg gardening pub quiz.

Its time for the friday night pub quiz. 10 questions need answer. also the the latest from the plots.

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Hello and welcome to episode 321 of the veg grower podcast. My names Richard and I am on a mission to grow as much food in my allotment and garden as I possibly can.

Today is Friday the 12 June 2020 and as its Friday its time for the Friday night veg gardening pub quiz but before that what have I been up to today?

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Well today has been a bit of a quiet day in the garden. Rain again which is very welcome of course. However first job this morning was to set up my quail cage that is in the potting shed. What I had to do basically was to place some fresh sand in the bottom of this cage and turn on the heater to check it was all working. Once I was happy I moved the quails into this cage with some food and water. I keep checking on them throughout the day and they seem happy. I wont however be leaving them I overnight for that they will return to the brooder cage in the podding shed.

After that I tidied up my workshop and started building my wood store slash water butt stand. I spoke of this the other day as a way to well tidy up my garden and make use of the space that I have available for multiple uses and this is to store rainwater and to store wood for our fireplace.

Well that’s what I have been up to today but let me know what you have been up to

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A quiet day in the garden today what surprising is that in the evening it seemed to brighten up. Its odd I was praying for rain a few days ago and now its here I don’t want it during the day. No pleasing some people is there

Anyway its time for the Friday night veg gardening pub quiz.

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How this works is I am going to ask 10 questions. These 10 questions need answers of which you email me your answers by Thursday the 18th June 2020 8pm UK time. If you get all 10 correct your name goes into a hat and out of that hat 1 winner will be chosen and that winner will be receiving 10 packets of seeds from my collection. As simple as that.

So lets go through this weeks questions and then I shall go through last weeks questions.

Question 1. How do you tell how old a tree is?

Question 2. What is another more common name for an alligator pear?

Question 3. In which season is asparagus most often cropped and eaten in the UK?

Question 4. what is the best type of soil in which to grow parsnips?

Question 5. What is it that makes the stalks of old varieties of celery go white?

Question 6. What vegetable has a flower that looks like sunflowers but also is nicknamed fartichokes?

Question 7. What is the best way to avoid club root?

Question 8. Who is probably the most well known person for no dig gardening in the UK?

Question 9. What vegetables are ingredients in Branston pickle?

Question 10. Where in the UK was saffron famously grown?

Well that is the 10 questions that need answers so get answering and good luck. Just to add if you need to read these questions then head to the blog post for this podcast and you will now find a transcript for the podcast.

Now last week I asked 10 questions that was sent to me by Stuart Jackson. Which by the way if anyone else wants to be quiz master for a week you are more then welcome to. But lets go through last weeks questions and answers

Last weeks question and answers

1, Geoff Hamilton was a twin, what was his siblings name?

A: Tony

2, What is the expected germination time of French beans?

A:7-14 days

3,What is a leather jacket?

A:It`s a dark gray grub about 1" long {Pest}

4, With Tomatoes what is the cause of the skin to spilt?

A: Heavy watering or heavy rain on very dry soil around the roots

5,True or False, Are Rhubarb leaves poisonous if eaten?

A: True

6,How is Sweetcorn pollinated?

A: By the wind

7When taking a hardwood cutting, why do you cover the cutting and pot with a polythene bag?

A:To preserve humidity

8, Which Italian sauce is made using Basil, garlic,Parmesan cheese, Pine nuts and Olive oil?

A Pesto

9, Approximately how much time passes between sowing a cucumber seeds and harvesting it?

A:12 Week { a week either side}

10, Why is it a good idea to keep the herb MINT in a pot or container ?

A: Because it spreads very easily

Well did you get them all right? Anyway that it for this week so if you want to email me with your answers you can email me

Visit the website at

Or you can find me on social media just search for the veg grower podcast

Thank you so much for listening to this episode I shall be back on Monday evening so till then please take care and ill speak to you then.

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