#459 Thinking about winter vegetables?

Join Richard in this weeks veg grower podcast where this week Richard is answering a request about winter vegetables. Richard also shares the latest from the plots.

Latest from the plots.

Having recovered from covid Richard has ventured back to the allotment and garden to tackle a number of jobs including

  • Weeding and watering
  • Harvesting shallots and elephant garlic
  • Sowing more peas and carrots

What have you been up to on your own plots?

Thinking about winter vegetables?

This week Richard has been asked to talk about winter vegetables. After giving it some thought Richard has realised its too late to sow many winter crops but luckily many garden centres will be selling the plants required.

However there is still time to think about over wintering crops and Richard has made a few suggestions

Recipe of the week.

Recipe of the week this week is one of Richards own and is a stuffed courgette.

Take 1 courgette and cut in half lengthways. Scoop out the centre and stuff with cheese. Put the 2 half's back together and wrap with bacon. Bake in an oven or BBQ for 20 minutes. Serve

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