#451 Growbags and new garden gadget.

Join Richard Suggett in this weeks Veg grower podcast. This week Richard assembles a new garden gadget and has set up some growbags. Richard also shares the latest from the plots.

The week on the plots

This week Richard has managed to get a lot of time in the plots. Tasks included planting out sweetcorn and mowing some grass paths.

For this weeks recipe Richard has found this Asparagus omelette made entirely from food he has grown.


Over the year Richard has fallen out of favour with the use of growbags. Those plastic bags full of a small amount of compost that are meant to grow lots of plants in.

Well this year Richard has decided that growbags in the patio garden might just be the answer he was looking for in order to grow where no soil exists.

If you grow in grow bags what do you grow in them?

New garden gadget

Richard is a big fan of Vegepod, habing had his medium sized vegepod for 4 years now he decided to get a small version to grow herbs in outside his back door.

In this podcast Richard sets up the vegepod and discusses what he plans to do with it and why he is such a fan of it.

What have you bee up to in the garden this week? Do you grow in growbags or vegepod? Get in touch Richard'theveggrowerpodcast.co.uk

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