Weekly harvest report week 1 of 2021.

Its been a while since I have shared a harvest report but for 2021 I thought I would bring it back. The aim of this is to keep track of what we harvest, how much that would have cost us and how much we spend achieving this.

Firstly lets take a look at what we have harvested this week

VegetableVarietyQuantityEconomy costPremium costHarvest date
PotatoSarpo Mira700g£0.35p£0.75p2.1.2021
EggsChicken5£0.85£1.25most days
herbsMixed1£1£1as needed
This is what we have harvested this week

We didn't harvest a huge amount this week because we only harvest when we have too or need too. If your wondering what The difference between economy and premium is well the economy would be the "value" price that I could find for this and the premium would be the most expensive.

From the above we have harvested £2.20 worth of Economy food or £3 of premium food. As I keep herbs by my back door and use them when cooking I will just allow £1 for that each week.

How about what I have spent this week

What have we boughtHow much did we spend.
Seed potatoes£20.17
Onion sets£3.98
What have we bought this week

We can see we have spent a total of £24.15 which when we offset that with what we have harvested this week we have a lot of catching up to do already. However The items we have bought will hopefully go on to produce food worth much more then what it cost us to buy but only time will tell with that.

What have you harvested this week? Or what have you spent this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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