Weekly harvest report

Weekly harvest report for week 5 of 2021

As part of an ongoing analysis of what we save by growing our own throughout 2021. We will see on a weekly basis what we have harvested, how much that would cost if we bought from a shop and how much we have spent. So without much fuss lets get into this weeks figures

VegetableVarietyQuantityEconomy costPremiuim costDate harvested
EggsChicken432p£1.68odd days
Herbsvarious1£1£1As needed
Totals this week£3.46£5.55
Totals this year£16.14£24.84
This week harvest report.

The beginning of this year and the figures dont look great but as we proceed on I am confident we will get a huge increase in harvests and what we have saved.

Lets take a look at what we have spent

What have we boughtHow much did that cost
A large heated propagator£60
This weeks total spend£60
This years total spend£148.07

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