Episode 414. Listener questions podcast

Join Richard in this weeks veg grower podcast. This week Richard is answering some listener questions received recently. Also a conclusion to this tears soil additive experiment as well as the latest from Richard's plots.

The diary

This week Richard has sown some swiss chard. A firm favourite for its colourful leaves and stalks as well as great use in the kitchen.

Richard also has continued mulching beds on the allotment using grass clippings. Something he is in the habit of doing lately.

Finally Richard has now completely chopped down the willow tree in his back garden. A task he has wanted to do for a while.

Find out more by listening to this weeks podcast.

Listener questions

Questions are always greatly received on this podcast and this week Richard has answered a few questions he has received.

  • What can I use as mulch?
  • Can I use wood chips in a vegetable clamp to store potatoes?
  • Why are my chillies very mild?

Finally the conclusion to the soil amendment experiment.

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