Episode 412. Visit to Gardeners world live 2021

Join Richard in this weeks veg grower podcast where shares his visit to gardeners world live 2021. Richard also shares the latest from the allotment and vegetable patch.

The diary

This weeks Richard gardening has been a little on the low side due to the fact he has been on call. However he has managed to shred up the brunches of the willow tree that has been cut down and sort out his collection of plastic pots.

Sunday Richard popped into the allotment to cover areas with cardboard or weed suppressing membrane as he is starting to prepare for the winter months.

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Gardeners world live 2021

This year saw the return of gardeners world live 2021. A annual gardening show which unfortunately didn't happen last year due to covid. This year event although much smaller then past years certainly still packed a punch. You can hear Richards account of the day on this episode.

A few links that might be useful for you includes:

Overall a fantastic day out had by all.

If you are planning to go next year, or went this year then leave a comment below.

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