Episode 401 The Vegepod 2 years on.

Join me in this weeks vegetable gardening podcast where I share my experience of the Vegepod after 2 years of everyday use. I also have the latest from he plots and a listener question.

This weeks on the plot.

After last weeks disappointment with weeds taking over, I ma pleased to say I have got back on top of the weeds and the allotment is looking great again. This enabled me to get my tomatoes and sweetcorn planted out at long last.

I have also bought myself a battery powered lawnmower which at first I wasn't impressed with until I got a 5amh battery to go with it.

You can hear all about it in the podcast of course.

The Vegepod 2 years on.

If you have listened for the last 2 years you will know I have a Vegepod in my garden of which I use to grow a lot of my salad crops in. When I foirst got the Vegepod I did produce a few podcasts on the subject but I thought today it would be good for you to hear how it has performed after 2 years of every day use and we use it every day.

If you want to find out more about Vegepod then you can head on over to there website here.

Resources for todays show.

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