Episode 320. Plants I should never have grown.

Join me in today's podcast where I shall be discussing a few plants I should never have grown and why. I also have the latest from the plots.

On the modern victory garden today.

Today i have been working in the modern victory garden and tasks i have carried out today has been

  • Setting up grow bags to grow more food
  • Putting up a tumbling tomato grower
  • Setting up my vegebag

And much more in the podcast

Plants I should never have grown.

This might be a bit of a controversial subject. But at the same point I am sure many of us have grown plants that we ended up regretting. Well why not discuss it then?

For me I have seleceted 4 plants that i wish I never grew and these 4 plants are

  • An elder tree on the allotment
  • Blackberry plants
  • Cucamelon
  • Goji plant

you can find out why in this podcast but if you have any plants you should never grew then let me know.

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