Episode 256. Seedy Sunday 2020

Join me in this weeks podcast where I'm joined by my friend Lee and we take a trip to Brighton's Seedy Sunday event. We talk to one of the organisers about what Seedy Sunday is and we take a walk around to see what we can find.

The diary

Seedy Sunday 2020

Long term listeners will know that in recent years I have attended Brighton's Seedy Sunday event. I have always been fascinated with the event as well as the aspect of seed saving.

Joining me this year my good friend lee Connelly aka The skinny jean gardener joined me. This is Lee's first visit to this event.

We are also very lucky to have had the chance to chat to Kate. Kate happens to be the chair of the organisers committee. She shares with us plenty of information on what goes on behind the scenes of this event.

Added to this when we wander around the event we get some help with potatoes from pennard plants and we buy our wives some seed cards from looploop.

Check out the podcast to find out more.

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