#458 8 mistake I made with my allotment

Join Richard in this weeks podcast which is a little different this week. Richard has caught covid and unable to leave the house to tend to his allotment which with the heatwave currently hitting the UK is possibly a good thing as minimal work necessary is the motto while dealing with this heat.

8 mistakes I made with my allotment.

With that in mind it has given Richard the chance to reflect on his 7 years on his current allotment and think about what mistakes he has made. Now mistakes for Richard is not a negative thing, its a chance to lean so reflecting on this it has given Richard the chance to think about improvements for the future. The 8 mistakes are as follows

  • Didn't inspect he plot before taking it on
  • Rushed to get lots of plants planted before really preparing the ground
  • Keeping hold of unknown plants already on the plot
  • Making paths too small
  • Accumulating/ hoarding too much junk
  • Only spending time at the weekend on the plot
  • Not putting up labels
  • Not sitting down to enjoy the allotment

What mistakes have you made with your allotment or garden? Let me know in the comments

Recipe of the week

Unfortunately Richard has not been allowed into the kitchen but instead Richard has these 3 articles from Thomson and Morgan that you might find interesting instead

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