#450 Welly boots and 3 ways to use comfrey

Join Richard in this weeks veg grower podcast. This week Richard chats to his preferred welly boot manufacturer and 3 ways Richard uses comfrey on the allotment.

On the plots.

This week Richard as mostly been planting out his tender plants feeling the time is right. He also had an amusing email from his council of which he discusses this week.

Welly boots

Last year Richard found his perfect welly boot. Ultra light and easy to get on and off which is a big thing for Richard being he is a size 12 boot. These boots can be found here for more information

3 ways to use comfrey

Comfrey is such a wonderful plant with so many uses in the allotment. This week Richard discusses how he uses his comfrey in 3 different ways, to make a plant food, as a mulch and as a compost accelerant.

Finally this weeks cheap recipe is poached rhubarb and can be found here

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