Supporter membership.

The veg grower podcast is all about inspiring other to grow there own food and exploring different ways we might do this by sharing my content. In order to keep this aim going I have created a supporter membership program.

For just £5 a month you can help support me in creating the content that inspires others to grow food. In return for this you will get

  • Exclusive behind the scenes podcasts and videos. Letting you know what’s going on here and how we might be looking at doing things a bit differently.
  • The chance to add more input to future content. Suggestions from support members get priority.
  • Each month a collection of seeds sent to your door that can be sown that very month. With these I will be sowing these seeds too and creating how to grow podcast and videos for these seeds. The seeds are only open to uk residents due to postage restrictions.
  • Plus the knowledge that you are helping to inspire more to grow there own healthy nutritious food on there doorsteps.

If that sounds like something you can get behind then sign up below.

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